Making use of existing lessons

There are more than 380.000 lessons in the library of LessonUp. You can use these lessons immediately or adapt them first and share them with your students.
If you use LessonUp regularly, and your students have experience with this way of teaching, it is sometimes enough to give them an instruction and they can work independently.
A shared lesson can be given to the students via My Classes or by sharing a link.

Making use of new lessons
Teaching from home requires a different approach to the concept of education. Perhaps you are used to giving (a lot of) instructions in the classroom. That is not a problem, the question is: how do you solve it? One possibility is to provide a shared lesson in LessonUp with a spoken instruction. In this way you talk the students through the material. Big advantage: the students can listen back to this instruction at any time.

A shared home-based lesson should have a head and a tail so that the students understand what the learning objective is and what is expected of them. A shared lesson can be given to students via My Classes or by sharing a link.

To record a video of your lesson
You can teach a lesson on your computer and record it. This technique is called screen casting and is widely used on YouTube. You make a recording of the screen and your voice, where you click through the lesson. A nice environment to make such a recording is

Live (synchronous)

Teach and share screen
With this option you teach a live lesson in LessonUp. All students log into or the LessonUp app with the pincode. Check the 'Share screen with students' option and you're ready to start teaching. This option works well if you have an audio connection with your students, but the added voice instruction mentioned above can also be an option. Disadvantage: not all interactive components are suitable. This is because you need a central screen for, for example, the answer options for a quiz. Tip: make use of drag and drop questions.

Setting up an online classroom
Setting up an online classroom is the best way to approach a classroom lesson. You share your screen with the students using LessonUp, where your screen is the central screen, just like you are used to in the classroom. Your students will participate in the lesson and you can interact with them to create a real lesson.

Good to know: you share your screen via a video connection over the internet. It is therefore not advisable to watch a YouTube video together. It is better to let students do this in their own time, for example by choosing Share screen in LessonUp.
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