Yes, that' is possible. Formative testing is a way of collecting information about the students level in relation to the learning objective. It provides insight into the students progress, both in terms of mastering the subject matter and the learning process, without immediately attaching a grade to it.

LessonUp can easily be used for formative testing. The students receive immediate feedback during a LessonUp lesson. In addition, in a LessonUp test each question is individually provided with feedback. However, a LessonUp test does not have to be graded directly.

The structure of a LessonUp lesson also helps with formative testing. For example, we recommend inserting a slide with the learning objective in the lesson. A learning objective formulated from the lesson, for example: " At the end of the lesson you can explain... ". In addition to information and interaction during the lesson, you can then end the lesson with two open questions: " Write down 3 things you have learned in this lesson. ", and: " Set 1 question about something you have understood so well. By linking it to the learning objective, formative testing takes place during each lesson.
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